Scott Mainwaring recognized in Montgomery Child's proposal a pragmatic empirical method to test the Electric Universe hypothesis, specifically the Electric Sun model.  The proposed experiments would also, by extension, offer a potential for further understanding the current gravity driven thermonuclear model.

Scott introduced Monty's proposal to his father, Bruce Mainwaring.  Father and son decided to support the project through the Mainwaring Archive Foundation.

The Electric Sun Model offers a new way to understand the sun and the stars, their origin, and how they function.

The hypothesis is born of a premise very different from that of our current gravity-driven Thermonuclear Model.

Until recently there has been no mechanism by which we could test either hypothesis.

Wal Thornhill

Montgomery Childs

Scott Mainwaring

electric universe pioneers

In 2012 at a conference exploring the electrical nature of deep space Montgomery Childs proposed a way the Electric Sun Model could be tested.

Montgomery Childs: "Two years of research has led me to the conclusion that the Electric Sun Model might be boiled down to a fundamental process: Charged plasma affecting matter of a different electrical potential.”

Benjamin Franklin

1705 – 1790

Michael Faraday

1791 – 1867

James Clerk Maxwell

1831 – 1879

Kristian Birkeland

1867 – 1917

Nikola Tesla

1856 – 1943

Irving Langmuir

1881 – 1957

Hannes Alfvén

1908 – 1995

Sir William Crookes

1832 – 1919

Bruce Mainwaring

The SAFIRE PROJECT was initiated.  The SAFIRE team has since designed and constructed the technology required to generate experiments that will test the Electric Sun Model hypothesis.

The intention is to falsify or confirm the hypothesis as a viable theory.  If the latter proves the case SAFIRE will create further experiments to explore this alternate way of understanding the sun and stars.